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The Company

Revoind Industriale s.r.l works in the electronic and precision mechanics fields, mainly related to avionic market. Revoind was established in 2009, and brings together resources, know-how and quality of different companies operating for over 30 years. The capital is entirely private. The plant in Oricola (AQ), with an indoor/outdoor area of 5,000 square meters, has allowed to carry on research, development and complete production activities, both in mechanical and electronic fields. The Company The riqualification of spaces, the renovation of the facilities, the acquisition of new machinery for mechanical and electronic assembly, led to a significant increase of both production capacity and level of quality. The research, development and engineering activities allow to made advanced products for which, in some cases, the company has applied for patents and to carry on important projects. Revoind is accredited and qualified by the most important European clients working in the industry, mechanical and electronic fields. It owns military production requirements and is accredited for NOS security. Revoind is compliant to ISO 9001 - 9100 - 14001 standards and, actually, employs 30 people. Altought the terrible crisis of 2012, REVOIND INDUSTRIAL Srl is keeping employing new skilled people.

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