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Department of Engineering and Design

The Department of Engineering and Design is the heart of the company, his springboard for the future. Technicians are highly skilled and make use the most modern technologies available to develop products and realize the production cycles according to the customer needs. Men Working The Department of Design offers affordable product development solutions for a wide variety of customers. Our knowledge of the field and the wide network of technical resources are used to manage the design of a wide range of artifacts, projects, and mechanical and electronic assemblies. The Department is closely linked to the Mechanical and Electronic production departments. The available graphics workstations, equipped with cutting edge CAD tools, are interfaced with both CNC machinery of the Mechanical production department and with the design of assembly tools (manual and automatic) used for the assembly of electronic components.

Person in charge (Mechanics:) Luigi Colaiuda (
Perdon in charge (Electronics): Marco De Caneva (