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Department of Electronic Production

The electronic department is probably the most advanced one of the Revoind Industriale.  elettronica elettronicaAdvanced machines and highly specialized personnel allow to create complex products such as electronic cards, motherboards, printed circuits, launch and tracking systems as well as multi-switch buttons (REvoind patent) The laboratory is provided with areas having controlled temperature and environment and with advanced machinery for automated assembly of electronic boards and printed circuit boards of various sizes and dimensions In particular, the lab consists of the following machines:

  • Machine wash cards
  • Drying Oven
  • Screen printing machine
  • Pick & Place Machine
  • Oven recast
  • Machine for tropical resin coating
  • Inspection Machine with UV ultraviolet light

The Electronic assembly phase is constantly monitored and controlled by appropriate instrumentations during the whole process. The whole process goes through several critical phases due to the high technologies involved and the technical characteristics of components that do not allow automatic assembly but require manual work by highly skilled technicians.

Person in charge: Emiliano Ferri (