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Department of Mechanical Production

Manufacturing at REvoind Industriale is unique in its multi-disciplinary approach that brings together expertise in the different areas of design, Manfacturing and Quality. Machines The typical production process starts with the creation of an object with CAD technology; then the CAM system creates the production program for a specific machine; the program is then finally executed on the machine thereby manufacturing the final object. Using the most advanced 3-D solid modeling tools including CATIA and ORCAD during the product design phase, we are able to generate fully functional virtual design solutions which can be rapidly prototyped. The quantity and quality of products coming off a production line will be closely monitored. In Revoind Industriale focusing on lean production, quality is monitored by all employees at every stage of production, rather than at the end as is the case for businesses using a quality control approach. Inspections are made by using dedicated and calibrated instrumentations. The Revoind production department is provided with the most advanced manufacturing Machines:

  • 10 CNC work systems in 3-4-5 axes up to 4.000x2.000x1000 mm
  • Rotary tables ø 800 and 400 mm for CNC machines
  • 3-axis Lasertec CNC, (precision laser cutting and removal)
  • 2-axis CNC lathe
  • 2 parallel lathes up to 1000x400 mm
  • Universal milling series machines up to 1400x400x200 mm
  • Brakes - cutting machine - shears for metal sheets to 10 x 2000 mm
  • Drill series
  • Band saws for cutting materials

The strength of the department is the realization of equipments and components that require skills and research activities that are the real value of the Company and that require also a careful analysis of the equipments and methods to be applied. Revoind Industriale is able to manufacture products whit complex geometries made ​​with very tight tolerances by CNC and conventional machine tools. The company is specialized and qualified in mechanical high precision components made ​​of aluminum alloy, alloy steel, titanium, light alloys. The department has a controlled temperature room with last generation tools and equipments.

Person in charge: Fabio Beddini (


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