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Revoind industry, thank to continuous investments in research and innovation, has developed know-how and technologies that allowed to better face the great crisis that invested in the past recent years the national and international manufacturing industry. Based on this experience, Revoind believes that to invest in research projects is to be regarded as a driving force for the growth and health of the company. To this end, Revoind Industrial collaborates today with the major research centers in Europe, with high specialized "small enterprises" and with European universities for the development of European projects with high technological content. Among the main European projects in which industrial Revoind currently is participating, there are the projects Cleansky-GRA, GRC Cleansky-and-Cleansky SFWA. For more information about these programs use the links below or contact us , we will be happy to answer to your questions.

Clean Sky will speed up technological breakthrough developments and shorten the time to market for new and cleaner solutions tested on full scale demonstrators, thus contributing significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of aviation (i.e. emissions and noise reduction but also green life cycle) for our future generations.

The Green Regional Aircraft, one of the six Clean Sky platforms, led by Alenia Aeronautica, involves 32 European partners among engine manufacturers, system engineering companies, research centres, universities, small and medium enterprises.

The Green Rotorcraft ITD, a component of the Clean Sky initiative, together with other already launched technology programmes at European or national levels responds to the challenge of halving the specific impact of any rotorcraft operation on the environment.